Migos for Rolling Stone Magazine

Role ········· Photographer
Artist ·········Migos

For ······· Rolling Stone Magazine
Location ········· Atlanta, GA
I got the assignment from Rolling Stone to photograph the Migos in 2017. This was my second assignment from Rolling Stone and it couldn’t have been with a more fitting group than Migos. This shoot felt like we were reuniting at the top of our game.

We did this shoot in the midst of a storm and in the middle of the NFL NFC Championship game, which featured the Atlanta Falcons. Needless to say, the odds were stacked against us.

During this shoot, I took one of my favorite shots ever which featured a reference to the Beetle’s classic photographs. The shot focused on the Migos in the middle of the rain holding one umbrella. In the shot you see the rain dripping on my lens and everything. Rolling Stone actually passed on that shot and featured a different image, but this photo went on to be a classic in my portfolio.